Mission and Values

The Social Context Mission

We strive for a global community based on respect for our common humanity, our diversity, and our mutual responsibility for ensuring a sustainable future.

We have a passion for finding commonality in diversity, and seek to share our skills in uncovering the shared assumptions and intuitions that are the glue of community and organisational life.

We envision a world where services and systems more closely meet the needs of the people they are designed for.

Graphic illustration of Social Context Mission showing two human figures supporting a third to form a human pyramid.

Our Values

  • We are committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in our practice and in our work with client communities.
  • We believe that every voice is valuable and has something unique to offer.
  • We believe that collaboration is the key to positive and sustainable change.

We help you build and transform your organisational culture and team awareness

We ground our practice in:


Our team, our clients and their stakeholder communities are what give us purpose


Our depth of knowledge, skill and experience in diverse contexts,grounded in our core expertise in ethnography and anthropology

Open Curiosity

Our fascination with finding ways to meet the challenges of people living in community

Participatory Research

Our commitment to participant-centred, evidence-based solutions to human problems

Learning for Continual Improvement

Our constant striving to learn and grow


Our commitment to ensuring that our work does no harm, and meets all relevant professional ethical guidelines
“The Social Context mission has evolved from my decades-long engagement in the craft and practice of ethnography. Our approach to reimagining community and organisational futures comes from a shared vision for integrating grounded ethnographic insights with design thinking.”

Tim Pilbrow
Founder and Principal Consultant
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