Who We Are

Human-centred design research consultancy

We are a small team of social scientists with training in anthropology and user experience design. As a human-centred design research team, we bring our expertise in human and social sciences to help you create positive, sustainable change in your workplace, service delivery and client relationships.

Collaboration is key to our practice.

You are the experts in your industry. Our expertise in people helps you unlock the full potential of your teams.

Holistic and responsive service design

We help you understand your staff, clients and customers holistically as people embedded in communities to help you include their needs from the start in designing your systems and services.

“To see a world in a grain of sand”

William Blake Auguries of Innocence

We Help You

Photograph of two women sitting at a kitchen table and talking, illustrating the Social Context approach to human-centred design research.
Photo 198298795 © Iakov Filimonov - Dreamstime.com, used under licence
Photograph of a woman sitting at home working on a laptop computer with her baby on her lap, illustrating the human context of work.
Photo by lechatnoir, source: www.gettyimages.com.au, used under licence

Human-Centred Design Approach

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