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Photograph of Tim Pilbrow, Social Context Team lead

Tim Pilbrow, PhD

Principal Consultant

Tim has a passion for helping organisations and communities deepen their self-awareness so they can make better decisions and improve their systems and services. He has degrees in anthropology (PhD, New York University), Slavic languages and linguistics (BA Honours, Monash University) and industry training in User Experience research and design (UX). Tim is a fellow of the Australian Anthro­po­log­ic­al Society and a Professional Member of the American Anthro­po­lo­gi­cal Association. Alongside his qualitative research practice, Tim has acquired skills in facilitating group decision-making, through training in Transformative Mediation and the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy.

Tim has long been fascinated by the social and cultural processes through which people in communities define, share and dispute aspects of their group identities. For his PhD he undertook ethno­graph­ic research in post-socialist Bulgaria on the transformation of educational practice and re-negotiation of cultural identity narratives under rapid social change. He has also undertaken considerable applied ethno­gra­phic research documenting Victorian Abori­gi­nal communities’ cultural resilience to help them achieve practical settlements of their native title interests.

Photograph of Luki Prang

Luki Prang

Senior Associate

Luki studied South East Asian anthropology at Charles Darwin University and received a Masters in Indonesian Gender Studies (2003) after conducting intensive ethno­graph­ic research in Indonesia. She also holds a Diploma In Community Services Work (2017).

Luki has worked for internationally funded community development projects in the Indonesian province of West Nusa Teng­gara (2004 to 2013) including educational skills programs for women, micro finance and craft development programs for women in isolated areas, and porcelain design projects in West Sum­ba­wa. She also implemented teacher training programs at two schools in Lom­bok.

In conjunction with the University of Ma­ta­ram, Lom­bok, she designed a cultural immersion program (Indonesian Language, Culture, Religion) for Australian government employees (AFP / Border Control) selected for service in Indonesia.

Photograph of Suzi Hutchings

Suzi Hutchings, PhD

Senior Associate

Suzi is a Social Anthro­po­lo­gist (PhD, U Adelaide) and member of the Central Arre­rnte Nation. Her research career spans academic and applied research on the social impact of criminal justice and welfare interventions on Indigenous youth and families; defining community and country in native title claims; and how Indigenous and minority groups in Australia and the USA use Hip Hop music, art and performance to maintain and express cultural identities.

Suzi is an Associate Professor at RMIT University, where she teaches Indigenous Studies, Indigenous policy and policy design. She also produces and presents “Crossing Tracks” on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM.

Photograph of Daisy Scully

Daisy Scully


Daisy trained in anthro­po­logy, psychology and Italian at the University of Melbourne, completing an Honours thesis in anthro­po­logy. She also has training in health care design (RMIT). Daisy is drawn to the way anthro­po­logy and ethno­graphy help us see ourselves in different light by ‘making the familiar strange’, and so enable us to analyse and understand our own behaviours and practices that we so often take for granted. Daisy’s multidisciplinary background has allowed her to develop both qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, cultural sensitivity and an ability to work with complexity.

Hannah Welch


Hannah trained in anthropology at La Trobe University, receiving First Class Honours. Her experience in research, policy and program delivery in community, government, and organisational settings includes roles in Abori­gi­nal community and Country contexts. Drawing from this experience, Hannah brings a grounded understanding of how social context impacts decision-making and action.

“I am thrilled to be joined by a like-minded team of practically-oriented ethnographers and design professionals. Together, we bring grounded social analysis and human-centred design thinking to the task of identifying and reconfiguring knowledge systems and practices.”

Tim Pilbrow
Principal Consultant and Founder
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