Learning your clients’ or customers’ worlds

Knowing more about your customers' or clients' worlds and what inspires and motivates them enables more resilient strategies — leading to more intuitive and responsive product and service design.

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Getting to know your customers as people

Through ethnographic (contextual) research with targeted customer groups, we bring your customers close to you. We help you understand the customer’s world and what inspires and motivates them. This helps you focus on what they are really looking for.

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User research – the customer and the context of use

We observe and talk with customers in the contexts in which they use products and services so we can help you understand their motivations and frustrations and design products and services that better meet their needs.

Some of the methods we use when working to draw insights about your clients’ or customers’ worlds are:

Brainstorming | Contextual Ethnographic Discovery | In-Depth Interviews

Diary Studies | Narrative Storytelling | Empathy maps | Journey maps

User Stories | Persona Building | System and Eco-System Mapping

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Finding the stories that sit behind big data

Data-driven insights can tell you some things about your market and customer base, but paint at best a thin picture. Actually talking and listening to your target groups thickens this picture. We help you achieve a more granular understanding of what motivates and inspires targeted groups through ethnographic research with people in the contexts where they use your products or services. We help you build personas that are solidly grounded in an understanding of the life worlds and motivations of targeted customer groups. This enables you to develop more intuitive and responsive product and service design.

Graphic illustration of two relaxed human figures sitting on the floor deep in conversation.
“Anthropology is ‘the exercise of systematic astonishment in investigating social acts.”

Marc Augé and Jean-Paul Colleyn
The World of the Anthropologist
“A remarkable customer experience starts with heart, intuition, curiosity. You won’t find any of it in a survey.”

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