• Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

Applied ethnohistory research  to support boundary negotiations with neighbouring communities (2019-2021).

  • Gunai / Kurnai Traditional Owners

Participatory research  (ethnography and ethnohistory) in relation to a native title matter (2019).

  • Wathaurung Traditional Owners

Participatory research (ethnography and ethnohistory) in relation to a native title matter (2019-2021).

Our team bring their expertise from previous academic and applied anthropology and related participatory research work, including…

Tim Pilbrow

  • Applied participatory research (ethnography and ethnohistory) documenting cultural resilience and connection to country for First Nations communities seeking land justice in Victoria, through ethnographic field work in communities and ethno-historical research as (2006 – present).
  • Senior research and research management roles at First Nations Legal & Research Services (2006-2018).
  • Teaching anthropology (including medical anthropology and qualitative research methods) at universities and colleges in the USA, 2001-2006.
  • Ethnographic field work on cultural identity under rapid social change in Bulgaria, following the fall of state socialism, mid-1990s, for PhD thesis.
  • Linguistic research on language preservation in an ethnic minority group in Serbia,1986-1987.

Suzi Hutchings

  • Consulting on the impacts of criminal justice and welfare intervention on Aboriginal youth and families, including work for the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (SA) providing expert cultural evidence in relation to child protection.
  • Applied participatory research (ethnography and ethnohistory) to provide expert anthropological evidence regarding cultural resilience and connection to country for Aboriginal communities pursuing native title claims across Australia, including, Queensland, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and Victoria.
  • Collaborative projects with First Nations young people, exploring innovative ways to maintain and express Indigenous identities, resilience, resistance, sovereignty and indigeneity through music and performance. This has included a 2019 Indigenous Hip-Hop co-production with Indigenous musicians and the Australian Music Vault, Arts Centre Victoria.

Luki Prang

Community Development Projects, Indonesia, 2003 – 2014

  • In-country cultural awareness and language programs for Australian Federal Police staff in conjunction with Mataram University.
  • Developing and enhancing stakeholder relationships for the funding of safe houses, court procedures and skills training programs for Muslim women victims of violence (Indonesian Women’s Association for Justice, funded by Oxfam NZ ).
  • Extensive applied participatory research (ethnography)in Eastern Indonesia for development projects funded by the German Technological Cooperation Agency (GTZ).
  • Business development projects (Pottery and Handwoven crafts) for rural women in Lombok and Sumbawa, Indonesia, funded by Oxfam and AusAid.

Aletheia Private School, Mataram, Indonesia

  • Teacher training for female teachers to enhance self-confidence in a male-orientated society.
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